Hallo meine Kumpels

Welcome to my wife club. This is where I keep my wives' digital shrines.
Please visit their shrines and tell me what you think.

Wer bin ich?

I am Marcel Lemanski
Born in literally 01/01/1984 (not joking)
Born and raise at germany germany flag
Ich bin eine blume blossom emoji

Meine Frauen

sakura face
Kinomoto Sakura
Sakura is a very cute, cheerful and tomboyish girl. She has a very high magical power which she uses to protect her city from magical incidents.
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sharo face
Kirima Sharo
Syaro is a short girl with fluffy blonde hair and blue eyes. She works as waitress at a cafe where she wears a very cute outfit.
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colors' face
The colors are 3 lively girls that protect the city of Ueno from all sorts of threats with their ingenuity and child-like play.
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erio's face
Touwa Erio
Erio is a cute snow white girl with long light blue hair. She loves aliens and outer space and likes to tie her futon around herself to hide from others.
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